Distracted Driver

Paul Gronow
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Distracted Driver from Paul Gronow

Distracted Driver eBook written by Paul Gronow

Distracted driver eBook and audio book will be available as an eBook and audio file package cost £9.99. For more details about how to purchase these digital products please get in touch with me Paul Gronow.

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With the Distracted Driver eBook and Audio Book the reader will discover the ultimate guide to safe driving in the UK for drivers with a concern about distractions that may include hyperfixation. Gain practical advice and tips to enhance your focus, read the road effectively, and become a confident driver. Understand hyperfixation and its impact on driving.

Learn about the challenges and benefits while emphasizing safe driving techniques. Boost your focus and manage distractions with strategies tailored to you. Grasp the limit point concept to anticipate hazards and respond appropriately. Familiarize yourself with the MSPSGLADA routine (mirror, signal, position, speed, gear, look, assess, decide, and act) to handle dangers and maintain safety. Effectively apply the MSPSGLADA routine to prioritize focus, ensure safe driving, and minimize accident risk.

Enjoy the benefits of increased focus and prioritization, like reduced accident risk and improved confidence. Build a supportive relationship with your driving instructor or support driver and create a learning-friendly environment. Customize your lessons to match your needs and learning style, making the most of your driving experience. Develop a personalized focus strategy using the techniques in the Distracted Driver eBook. Create a road-ready action plan with your newfound skills and confidence. Discuss your progress and goals with your instructor, set realistic expectations, celebrate achievements, and continue to grow as a driver.