Multitasking Driver

Paul Gronow
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Multitasking Driver from Paul Gronow

Multitasking Driver eBook written by Paul Gronow

Multitasking drivers eBook and audio book will be available as an eBook and audio file package cost £9.99. For more details about how to purchase these digital products please get in touch with me Paul Gronow.

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The Multitasking Driver eBook demystifies the misconception of multitasking during driving. It argues, based on cognitive science research, that our brain doesn’t truly multitask, but rapidly switches attention between tasks – a concept termed ‘dynamic learning framework’.

This comprehensive work delves into the brain’s impressive capacity to handle the intricate tasks and routines of driving. The focus of this eBook is not to teach driving techniques but rather, it supplements one’s understanding of the brain’s essential role in safe driving. It serves as an exploration of the brain’s function when driving and celebrates our adaptive learning abilities.

Suitable for all drivers, from beginners to experienced, this guide presents a step-by-step approach to effectively manage specific driving scenarios on UK roads. Built on the dynamic learning framework, it promotes safety and efficiency by encouraging focus on one task at a time, effective prioritisation, and smooth transitioning between tasks.

By the conclusion, readers will possess a suite of strategies and practical exercises to manage various driving elements. They’ll be adept at applying these strategies in a range of scenarios, understand the science behind them, and appreciate their effectiveness.This eBook is beneficial for all drivers, including those intending to learn to drive.